Cádiz. The Ancient City (Spain)

Cádiz… the City Member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network. This Andalusian Site was home to Phoenician and Carthaginian civilizations, It was a depot for Hannibal’s conquest of the Southern Iberia and Roman Colony called Hispania. It was Bizantine Province of Spania and Muslim medina called Qādis. Christopher Columbus sailed from here to (re)discover[…]

Columbretes Islands, Valencia (Spain)

Located about 30 miles from the Spanish Coastline, the Columbretes Islands are a group of really small (0,19 km²) uninhabited Islands of Volcanic Origin (that’s why they have the characteristic, semi-circular form). The last eruption took place aprox. 3 millions years ago. When the ancient Greeks and Romans arrived, the Islands were only inhabited by[…]

Arab Fortress of La Luz in La Alberca, Murcia (Spain)

This medieval Castle constructed in the 12th century, adapts its form to the Orography of the Territory. There’s a fantastic View over the whole City. 200 meters from the castle You can find the ancient Iberian Settlement. Incredible Place that shows the complex history of Spain. The spot is called La Luz (The Light) –[…]