Columbretes Islands, Valencia (Spain)

Located about 30 miles from the Spanish Coastline, the Columbretes Islands are a group of really small (0,19 km²) uninhabited Islands of Volcanic Origin (that’s why they have the characteristic, semi-circular form). The last eruption took place aprox. 3 millions years ago.

When the ancient Greeks and Romans arrived, the Islands were only inhabited by Snakes (“coluber” means “snake” in Latin, that’s why they are called Columbretes nowadays).

Then the Spanish Fishermen came and, in order to inhabit the Islands, they killed all the Serpents.

Today the Archipelago is declared a Wildlife Reserve, since a lot of birds migrating in spring and autumn use the Small Islets to have some rest.

They are just the little and unknown Sisters of the famous, crowdy Ibiza, yet they are wild and beautiful.



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